PERFECT LIPSTICKS FOR COSPLAY?! CHEAP perfect lipsticks for cosplay????Perfect for KANAYA, VRISKA, AND MANY MANY OTHERS!???
This stuff is perfect for cosplay!! I’m wearing them with no base, right out of the tube, and they’re still pretty quality! plus they are CHEAP. AS. FUCK!!!!
The brand is KLEANCOLOR and I think the line is Femme. I bought the lipsticks in a DAISO Japanese dollar store, and payed $9.00 for the 6 lipsticks I bought. That’s $1.50 a piece, literally a tenth of what I pay for my MAC lipsticks.


From their website, they’re $1.99 a tube!

(Ignore how bad i look in this post)

This stuff is also cheap on amazon if you don’t want to buy from their website. Very nice for people who dont want to spend a lot on lipstick. Remember that it!s cheap though so don’t expect the best quality…






This needs more notes ._.

People need to understand that just because you’re on some sort of show doesn’t mean you get to be an edgy asshole. Yeah, unfortunately that’s what it takes to be famous in some situations ( this website) but it doesn’t give you an excuse to be rude and downright disrespectful.